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The low temperatures brought by the infamous Beast from the East didn't stop me when I ventured out to capture a few images of the snow at Gas Street Basin. I was hoping I would be able to get some images as it was snowing but unfortunately it only snowed briefly before I got there. I still took quite a few photographs as the snow and frost on the canals and paths made everything look really beautiful.


It was a very pleasant evening, it was really quiet as there wasn't a lot of people around, so that peaceful vibe was great motivation for me to stay for about half an hour in spite of the extremely low temperature... -6°C (which according to my weather app felt more like -12°C)! I actually had never shot during such cold conditions! I could hardly feel my fingers and legs by the time I decided to get back home, but it was still such an enjoyable experience, and I was very happy to have a few shots of a really lovely yet freezing evening.

I hope you enjoyed these images. It was a nice challenge to shoot in below freezing conditions. It was also a good opportunity to take photos during blue hour without a tripod with the cold temperatures having a positive side effect of reduced noise in the images in spite of the low light conditions. All in all a very enjoyable and different experience!



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